Principles & Guidelines

The UDT Fifties Frog Group (hereinafter referred to as Fifties Frogs or Fifties Frogs Group) is an informal group of former officers and enlisted men of the Underwater Demolition Teams who meet annually for a reunion. Those members of Teams 1, 3 & 5 who served during the Korean Conflict (1950-54) make up the core of the Fifties Frog Group; however, any FROG or SEAL from any area or era is welcome to attend and participate. Several members of the east coast teams are aboard and we welcome more.

From the first meeting in Branson, Missouri in 1999, there has been a belief and desire among us to keep the group simple and informal, avoiding a structured set of rules and official protocol. However, as with most groups, as time passes the pressure to better organize grows. This pressure is increased as old members die and new ones join and as different people host the reunion each year. Accordingly, several people have suggested it is time to put in writing some

principles and guidelines. Therefore, with the understanding that these principles and guidelines are just that and can be changed as needed, the following are offered.

(Note) We are no longer chartered as a 501 C  (3) (19) -- not for profit organization).


1.  A Member is a FROG/SEAL who has supported The Fifties Frogs by attendance on at least one of its annual meetings.  

2.  We shall meet annually under sponsorship of a Member.


3.  We shall strive to keep the Fifties Frogs group meetings simple, relaxed and free as possible from protocol.

4. No sponsor shall be required to bear undue costs of sponsorship. An account shall be maintained to make the financial burden lighter for the sponsor.

5. These funds may be raised in a number of ways including but not limited to:

a. Voluntary donations.

b. Auction of donated items.

              c.  Solicited items.

6. A central list of mailing and email addresses will be kept up-to-date.     

7. Currently this list is kept by Lee D. Hughs. Notify him promptly when any of your addresses change.

8. Spouses or “significant others” are welcomed and encouraged to attend. When a Member dies the spouse or significant other is encouraged to continue meeting with the group.

9. Various lists of deceased Frogs are available—see the list of resources on the Table of Contents page.

10.   A Certificate (framed and under glass or clear hard
 plastic) shall be sent to the surviving family of a Fifties Frog     Member upon his death.

11.   A memorial brick at the UDT/SEAL Museum, shall be  purchased for any Fifties Frog Member who, upon his  death, has no such brick.

12.  The Fifties Frogs group has no officers including  president. The host acts as president for the year he is host. He may appoint someone to act for him on any item as needed or desired.

13. The Fifties Frogs group has no officers including  president. The host acts as president for the year he is host. He may appoint someone to act for him on any item as needed or desired.


1. The sponsor should start months ahead of the scheduled meeting date locating adequate space and facilities willing to host the group –(usually 30 to 60 Members and spouse/others). A hotel with a large meeting room and banquet facilities and a block of rooms is ideal. A shuttle to the local airport is a plus.


a. The facility should have a room suitable for a hospitality room
capable of holding the entire group and that allows Members to ring in their own food and liquor.

b. There should be ice available and a sink would be a plus.

c. The hospitality room should have tables, chairs, and a nearby restroom.

d. The hospitality room should be available beginning the day before the scheduled meeting date if possible to accommodate early arrivals.

e. A banquet room should be available in the facility or in close proximity to the facility.

f. A block of rooms should be secured for Members.

2. As soon as possible notify the membership of the exact dates of the meeting and name, phone number, address of the facility so they can begin their own planning and scheduling. Also identify the nearest airport. Give prices and descriptions of the rooms. Some rooms should be non-smoking.

3. The sponsor may request estimated funds needed to secure the   arrangements and purchase supplies needed. Supplies may include items such as: ice, liquor, chips, dip, nuts, glasses, napkins, paper plates, postage, deposits, printing, etc. The request can be made to: Lee D. Hughs  An alternative to getting an advance of funds is to keep receipts and get reimbursed later. Some businesses and other organizations such as Wal-Mart may make a contribution in kind , credit or cash.


4. Gather information regarding local points of interest and send to members by email and have it available at the muster. The hotel’s arrangements or PR person, the Chamber of Commerce or the tourist bureau may assist with this. Arrangement for transportation, coordination, tours and scheduling for local events is a nice added feature, but is a tremendous amount of work and is not expected. If the sponsor does not wish to arrange these services the individual Members can make their own arrangements. Information related to these issues would be helpful to those needing these services and who are making their own arrangements.

5. Make arrangements for the banquet and notify members of the costs and meal choices in advance. It does not have to be elaborate; a buffet is simple, sufficient and does not require individual choices in advance. Some extra persons usually attend this function so there should be capacity for a few extra persons.

6. Keeping a log of pre-meeting contacts such as those attending the
banquet or attending special events, may be helpful to the host.

7. Assign someone to register Members with special attention to:

a. Issuing name tags

b. Collecting funds for the banquet, group photos if there is a charge and any other paid events-if any.

c. Recording up-to-date addresses, phone numbers and especially email addresses.

d. Preparing a roster of Members attending the annual meeting.

8. Prepare a schedule of events for the entire reunion with a detailed agenda for the last afternoon and evening. (See the sample schedule and agenda below).






June 1 (Example only)

9:00  Begin Registration in hospitality/meeting room. Registration should be open and available throughout the reunion. Assign someone to be responsible for the meeting/hospitality room. Responsibilities include: opening and closing the room, issuing name-tags, verifying banquet meal request, collecting any funds due for it and handing out information on points of interest, schedule and agenda.

June 2

          9:00 Hospitality room open. Socialization. Field trips as desired. Free time.

          June 3

          9:00 Hospitality/ Meeting room open. Socialization.                                                 Field trips as desired. Free time.

4:00 - 4:15   Business meeting. See sample agenda

4:15 - 5:00   Group Photo

5:00 - 5:45   Auction (specify location)

5:45 - Break

6:15 - Assemble in Banquet Room.  Introduction of guests and presentation of awards; if there are any.

6: 30 – 7:30 Banquet meal

7:30—8:30 Special presentation – optional.

Sample Business Meeting Agenda


For Fifties Frogs Annual Meeting


June 3

5:00 -  Call to order

5:00 – 5:02 Report of the Treasury

5:02 – 5:05 Report major items from last meeting

5:05 – 5:15 Old Business



5:15 – 5:30 New Business

  A. Select next years meeting place.

B. Announce when and where the group photo will be taken.


5:30 -- Adjourn

Note: The host chairs the meeting or selects someone to do this for him.



If the sponsor needs assistance, the following are people who may be able to help:

1.  The last person or persons who served as sponsors.

2. For advance funds contact Lee D. Hughs – 307.382.5442 or Cell 307.350.9803

3. For information on airlines that give discounts to veteran’s organizations call Gene Poole at 310 474 7867. Gene is willing to assist anyone seeking discounts from airlines. He maintains our banking records at Wells Fargo bank and issues checks to reimburse expenses of sponsors related to the annual meeting.

4. For general information send an email to Don at or to  Lee D. Hughs .

5. For current addresses contact Lee D. “Punchy” Hughs -- Lee is a central communications person maintaining information on the whereabouts of Members and generally facilitates communications among Members.

6. Don’t forget the hotel personnel may be of much help and also the Chamber of Commerce and

7. Tourism Bureau.

8. Grady Allen is a professional photographer. When he attends he may take the group photo.