Please take a few minutes and complete the following questions you feel comfortable in sharing.
No articles or information shall be published before being “scrubbed” via the UDT-SEAL ARCHIVES and “bleached” with the “Brotherhood” membership.

1.     Family Status:    Single ______  Married ______     

 A.   Full name___________________________ Nickname: _______________

 B.    Place of birth:  _______________________________ DOB:  __________

 C.    Single ___ Married ___ Divorced ___ Widower ___

 D.   Name of spouse or significant other: ______________________________

 E.    Names of children: ___________________________________________

 F.    Current address: City___________________ State ______ Zip: ________

 G.   Telephone #: ______________________ Email: ____________________

 2.     Education/Training/Occupation/Hobbies:

 A.   Level of education and/or training: _______________________________

 B.    Occupation or Profession: ______________________________________

 C.    Retired: Yes___ No ___ (If yes what year?)  ___________

 D.   List main hobbies: ____________________________________________

 E.    Special achievements in civilian life: (Use extra pages as necessary)_______
Use extra pages as necessary via Email)

 3.     Military Experience:    A.    Date entered service: _______________

B.    Date retired/discharge_____________________   

C.    Highest rate/rank achieved: ____________________________________

D.    Metals or commendations received: ______________________________

E.   Ships or stations served with: ___________________________________

F.    Date entered UDT: _____________ Training class: ____  Team(s)_______
   Please describe any unusual or memorable experiences you had 
 during your military career. (Use extra pages as necessary)



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